A dishonourable discharge

He had to go, of course, with results as dire as those Leicester have been posting all season long. But there are professional, honourable, even kind ways of telling someone they've lost their job. In football these were employed as rarely as seeing hens' teeth several decades ago -and this lack of courtesy and awareness … Continue reading A dishonourable discharge


No Humanists, Blacks, Dogs or Irish need apply.

"The BBC has long resisted appeals to open Thought for the Day to atheists. Senior executives regard it as the corporation’s most high-profile religious slot, reaching millions of listeners a week." (BBC spokesperson) And there was I thinking that the very second the fatal words "It's time for Thought for the Day" are oleaginously slimed … Continue reading No Humanists, Blacks, Dogs or Irish need apply.

Kevin and Perry -diagnosed bonkers

Five ways Britain wrecks young people’s mental health.  This was the screamer in the Grauniad the other day, inviting us, among other things, to buy into the notion that 1 in 3 young persons has mental problems. No surveys, no peer-reviewed statistics, nothing evidential whatsoever to support this claim. And no definition of “mental problems”, … Continue reading Kevin and Perry -diagnosed bonkers