Death visits but leaves the trash out

Trumpetty Trump is coming over here “with limited public exposure”. I hope I have the energy to get myself down to the Smoke and shout my views about him to him as he passes. Wherever. It’ll change nothing, but some things just have to be done. I loathe this man viscerally.

Tara-PTOn the other hand I find I’m quite sad at the death so young (45) of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Her name alone made me smile, and I used to read with mock disapproval of all her partying and cavorting, knowing as I tutted that it was with a smile. She was quite open about herself, and this quote amuses me still:

“One of my worst moments was when I drank my finger-dipping bowl at a royal party. I thought it was soup. Not only did I drink it, but I asked for the recipe.”

An intelligent and musically talented woman, “She nothing common did nor mean” throughout her life which was sadly underpinned by a deep and lasting addiction to drugs. She hurt no-one and she had fun. Not a great epitaph, but a sadder one to read than Trump’s.