Les neiges d’aujourd’hui

These have been seven days of my life dominated by women – mostly young women, some of them stars in the making, and one middle-aged woman whom you might not look at twice in the street but who is an actress (yes, actress, female, thank you) whom I quite simply worship, an already blazing star. … Continue reading Les neiges d’aujourd’hui


The banality of evil

Imagine, if you can, yourself feeling alienated, inadequate and worthless in society, taking quantities of drugs, with an extremely violent criminal streak, waking up one morning feeling that there’s little point in going on with your failure of a life. Terminally resentful against the world, you get into your car, drive to your local town, … Continue reading The banality of evil

More circuses, and bugger the bread

My freshly illumined telly presented me early this morning with the catchily monikered “Wife, mom, bounty hunter”. Let me stress I wasn’t channel-hopping, but had gone to bed after watching Boulting Brothers’ “The Wrong Arm of the Law” on ch 133 last night. I wouldn’t want you to think that I deliberately sit and watch … Continue reading More circuses, and bugger the bread