Bang? War! I must write me memoirs..

“36 Isil militants killed as US drops the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat “

1. How much did this air-raid cost per head of Isil killed? (to six significant non-decimal figures)

2. Estimate the year when operations such as this will finally bankrupt the USA military (protractors may be used sparingly).

3. In WW2 the Dambusters’ 4 ton bomb killed 1600 civilians on its first use. Draw a graph comparing the cost-effectiveness of that and the present 10 ton “Mother of all Bombs”.

4. From your answer to Q3:

Either: give the exact date last year on which WW2 would have ended had today’s Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb been used throughout.

Or: whistle “Dixie”.

Edit: Sapristi nabolus!! Mother of all Ironies! I’ve just found this in the Grauniad;

“Each Moab, or massive ordinance air blast – nicknamed the “mother of all bombs” – costs $16m (£13m) out of a total programme cost of $314m which produced about 20 of the bombs. Crunched down – and in the most cold-blooded terms – that means the US military has expended some 5% of its stockpile of Moabs to kill three dozen Isis members at a cost of almost $450,000 per individual.”