Bang? War! I must write me memoirs..

"36 Isil militants killed as US drops the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat " 1. How much did this air-raid cost per head of Isil killed? (to six significant non-decimal figures) 2. Estimate the year when operations such as this will finally bankrupt the USA military (protractors may be used sparingly). 3. In … Continue reading Bang? War! I must write me memoirs..


Death – not the Great Equaliser

A policeman standing outside the Houses of Parliament is stabbed before he can move. No intervention, no attempt to prevent the murdering Adrian Elms, above all no time to move, no heroic actions, "just" a sad violent death. Four civilians walking on Westminster Bridge are mown down by this same man. "Just" four sad violent … Continue reading Death – not the Great Equaliser

More circuses, and bugger the bread

My freshly illumined telly presented me early this morning with the catchily monikered “Wife, mom, bounty hunter”. Let me stress I wasn’t channel-hopping, but had gone to bed after watching Boulting Brothers’ “The Wrong Arm of the Law” on ch 133 last night. I wouldn’t want you to think that I deliberately sit and watch … Continue reading More circuses, and bugger the bread